Pregnancy Journals

Are you pregnant or thinking about having a baby?

If you answered yes to either then now is a great time to start a journal!

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time full of joy, excitement, anticipation…….fatigue, back pain, food cravings…..

It’s a different journey for everyone and it can seem like the longest nine months of your life. The reality is that your pregnancy is over before you know it and you will have a tiny bundle of energy demanding attention and keeping you busy.

A pregnancy journal can be a wonderful keepsake for you to share with your child as they grow older and become curious about what their parents’ lives were like before they came along. ┬áIt can also be a practical way to keep track of your health, frequency of kicks, or sleep habits during this stressful time on your body.

A pregnancy journal is also a wonderful way just to remember how you were feeling and what you were thinking during this amazing time in your life.