We have made it simple for you to provide the information we need to create your eBook.

  1. Sign up for a free account with Millennium Publications.

2. Download The Little Black Book Of eBooks and one of our Memoir or Journal templates.

3. Start writing your story – words, pictures, video.  We understand that everyone has a preference for how they would like to make notes so for that reason we leave it up to you to decide how you want to write down your story.  It’s simple and it’s easy to access help if you have trouble at any point. It doesn’t have to be well written. In fact, that’s the whole point of our service, you don’t have to be a great writer! We make you sound great!

Use dot points or simply record your thoughts as they come to you. Keep a folder on your computer (or somewhere else) for all the relevent photos and other videos that you want included. If you aren’t sure where to start that’s ok.  You can check out our daily blog and Facebook page for useful hints and tips.

4. When you are ready, let us know that you want to have an ebook created, what information and images you want us to use and we get to work. We will ask you some questions about the type of book you want written and how you want it presented so that we can create exactly what you want.

5. Agree on what content you want us to use and receive a quote.

6. Pay a deposit and we prepare your ebook.

7. Once your ebook is complete, pay your final instalment and we send your completed ebook to you.

8. Proof read your ebook to make sure you are satisfied and there are no mistakes.

9. Our ghostwriters will make any adjustments required and your eBook is finalised.   Once you have agreed that you are satisfied with the final product a link is provided for you to download your eBook. You can then make copies to share with your family and friends. You could even self publish your ebook if you wish.

10. We understand how personal a story about your life is and will do whatever we can to make sure that you get the book that you want. We  want you to have a positive experience on your journey to having your eBook completed. So please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.