What is an eBook?

 An eBook is simply an ‘electronic book’. That is, a book that can be read using a device such as an iPad or a Kindle. Unlike print books, eBooks can include text, photos AND sound & video as well as links to webpages on the internet.

A basic eBook is mainly text with no (or only a few) images, while more complicated eBooks include many more interactive features. The more features in the book, the more difficult and time consuming it is to prepare.

Most eBooks are formatted in the ‘EPUB’ format and can be read on a wide range of devices


Is an eBook better than a print book?

Both have their advantages and different value to different people. Nothing quite compares to the feel and smell of a good quality print book. Print books can also hold great sentimental value. Also, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your ereading device is charged up or not. On the other hand you can store hundreds,if not thousands of ebooks on an eReader device, as well as being able to make the ebook interactive with video, web-links and the ability to highlight text, make notes and even have links within the eBook to other sections.


Is it expensive to have an eBook written?

On average, to have a professional ‘ghostwriter’ prepare a book of around 100,000 words it can cost between $20,000 and $100,000 depending on the work required. Our service is much more affordable because Millennium Publications works with the client to keep costs as low as possible. Ourpackages ensure that our clients receive a discount for each ebook they order and full payment up front attracts a further discount, which means our service is affordable for most people. There are also a number of payment options to assist clients who wish to utilise our service but require more time to pay.


Can I include photos?

Definitely. To keep cost relatively low we can organise your photos into a serious of collages, thereby maximising the number of photos you can have in your ebook with minimal cost. We can also use a variety of frames and editing tools to make your photographs really come alive.


Can I include video?

Absolutely. The beauty of an eBook is the ability to add video. We recommend that individual videos in the final eBook be kept to a maximum of around 3 minutes. This is for several reasons. Video’s longer than 3 minutes use a lot of space and can cause your ebook to ‘lag’ because of file size. Also, statistically most people will not watch a video longer than 2 or 3 minutes if it is within an ebook. We prefer to edit your home videos into a short, sharp snapshot of an event. You can specify which parts you wish to keep or you can allow our video editors to use their professional judgement to decide for you.


Can you edit my photos and video?

Certainly. As mentioned above in the previous two questions, we specialise in editing your photos and videos in order to combine them with your text to really capture your story from all angles. See our fee schedule for the cost involved. Keep in mind, we are not editing a Hollywood or Bollywood quality movie with amazing special effects. This would dramatically increase cost. Our editing will pull all the interesting moments of your videos into a concise package with some basic special effects such as titles, sub titles and some back ground music or sound effects where appropriate. Likewise photo editing will include framing, basic editing of photo elements, cropping if necessary and we can combine several photographs into collage style frames.


Does my text have to be edited?

Not at all. If you are a confident writer who is happy with your own individual style we are happy to simply convert your text to ePub format for a small fee. See our fee schedule for the cost involved.


What text will I be billed for?

Word count is taken to be the lowest number of words whether that is the unformatted text or the final edited version.

For example:

Your unedited text is 50,000 words. The final edited text is now 60,000 words – we only charge you for editing 50,000 words. Similarly, your unedited text is 50,000 words. Only this time after editing the text is now down to  40,000 words – we only charge you for 40,000 words.


Standard fees for creating your eBook are as follows:

Text: $15 per 250 words.

Photographs: $5 per single edited photograph
$10 per multi-style edited photograph (each photograph may be a collage of many photographs)

Editing includes resizing photos, minor colour changes, cropping, framing, placing in ebook, captions and alt-tags (an alt-tag is text that tells you what the image is if your eReading device cannot ‘see’ the photograph)

Video: $100 per 30sec edited video (editing includes transitions, credits and in-movie text, sound effects & music if required)

Audio: No charge for placing pre-recorded audio provided by you.

Example of fee structure applied to a standard job:

The client provides 25,000 words of text, 500 photographs and 10 minutes of unedited video. After editing the text there are now 30,000 words, the 500 photos have been converted to 100 photographs and the video has been edited down to 6 minutes. The  cost breakdown would be:

Text:     $1500 (30,000 words of final text but only charged for 25,000 words)

Photos: $1000 (100 edited photos @ $10 each)

Video:   $1200 (6mins of edited video @ $100 per 30 sec)

Total:     $3700


What if I purchase a package but my final eBook is less than the allocated allowances for text, photos and video?

If this occurs we will only bill you for the volume of text, photos and video. We will refund the difference or credit your account for the difference.


How ‘honest’ does my story have to be?

It’s entirely at your discretion.  At Millennium Publications we believe that there is nothing wrong with a little ‘creative license’. However, keep in mind, the truth is often much more interesting than fiction!


How do you edit racist, criminal  or derogatory material?

Millennium Publications will not work with any material deemed to be racist, criminal or derogatory. Please see our terms and conditions for further information?


If I publish my eBook does Odyssey Memoirs take a fee?

No. Once you have paid for your ebook and have downloaded the final document it is yours. Millennium Publications does not hold any rights over the work.


What if I’m not happy with the finished eBook?

At Millennium Publications we want to create an  ebook that you will be happy to share with all your friends and family. For that reason, we ask you a series of questions what will help us to understand exactly the type of book you want and your requirements before we start editing and rewriting your ebook. We want to get it just right for you.

If for some reason, you do not like the final draft please let us know! We offer a final editing service as part of your fees to make any changes required. We understand that sometimes you might want something to sound different, or more heartfelt, or the images in a different place and that is what the final edit process is for.

We don’t want you to end up with an eBook that you are unhappy with and we will bend over backwards (figuratively, not literally of course) to make sure your requirements are satisfied.


How do I get my finished eBook?

Once Millennium Publications have finished the first draft you will be emailed a link to a PDF file. Simply click on the link to download the file to your computer. Take your time to check that you are happy with the content and arrange for any changes to be made.

Once everything is to your satisfaction simply agree that you are satisfied, pay any outstanding fees and you will be emailed a link to the final ePub document. Download your new eBook and share it with your family and friends.


Can I get a hard copy of my eBook?

Anything is possible with Millennium Publications! When you contact us to have your eBook written ask us about the hard copy option. Just remember the fundamental differences between an eBook and a hard copy book that we discussed above. Your hard copy won’t include video, audio or any other interactive content. At least, not until the technology exists for this kind of hard copy book!


What is the Millennium Publications Virtual Library?

The Millennium Publications Virtual Library is a project currently under construction. The aim is to create an online history  library consisting of the stories of our clients. Many people don’t realise it but future generations have a great deal to learn from us. We believe that the creation of the virtual library will give future generations the fools and knowledge to avoid making the same mistakes that we have, thereby creating a better, safer, more productive society. Additionally, the virtual library will be a snapshot into the past. A snapshot of how ‘real’ people lived their lives and the things that were important to us.


How secure is my information?

Millennium Publications uses industry standard encryption and security for all your data. We understand how private your information is and for that reason, only you have the password for your account. We will ask for permission to access your data BEFORE we write your eBook.


Who will see my information while my book is being written?

Only four people will see your information during the editing and production stages. The ghostwriter will edit your text while separate content creators will edit your photos and video. Our book Editor will proof read the final manuscript prior to sending the completed eBook to you.

All our writers are screened prior to working with us and their names are included on the publisher page of your eBook. Should you be concerned about the privacy of your sensitive information please contact us immediately.


What happens to my information after I have my eBook written?

Once your eBook is completed Millennium Publications stores a copy of the book on our secure database as a backup in the event that your eBook is lost or destroyed. The original data that you provided remains stored in your client file for 3 month after which it will be deleted.

Millennium Publications plans to open a “virtual library” of Memoirs however this is still in concept form. All clients will be asked for permission to place their eBook in the library.


How was the Millennium Concept Created?

The Millennium concept came about after Julian, the creator of Millennium Publications, spent many months cycling through Rookwood Cemetery on his way to and from work each day. It occurred to him that very little was known about many of the people who were buried there.

A few of the ‘famous people’ may have written an autobiography or an historian may have written about a few of them but what about everyone else? Perhaps an ancestor has built a family tree and knows that they had a a long lost family member who was now buried there but little else.

Julian thought to himself “what we need is someone to preserve people’s stories and knowledge for future generations in a way that is accessible, affordable and elegant”.  The Millennium Publications concept was born and now provides a way to preserve your story, bridging the divide between various media forms including the written word, photographs, video, social media and blogging.