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Fitness Challenge!

It’s that time of year again when we all make New Years Resolutions that we have every intention of keeping until we get up on New Year’s Day with a raging hang-over, a furry tongue and no idea how we got home…..

This year, since I’ve been getting asked quite often about our sporting log books and how to create one I’m going to show you how by making my own!

Firstly I will make the obligatory New Years resolution a few days early – 100 days to get in shape and run a sub 50min 10k.

Some of you will say “easy” while others reading this will think that a 10k run is a ridiculous distance and ask why I would want to do that.

It’s a fair question. The answer: I just read Born To Run by Chris McDougall and a 10k run seemed like a good New Years challenge, besides that I actually enjoy running. At least, I did until a motorcycle accident in 2008 resulted in a clean break in my talus bone (the ankle), three dislocations in the joints around the ankle, two titanium pins holding it all together and some mangled cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

Since then the running has been minimal…..but not all because of the accident. Laziness and a new baby in the mix have been good excuses for getting out of shape.

While my partner was pregnant, I put on more weight than she did! Lincoln is now almost 2 years old and I still look 6 months pregnant! Not a nice feeling for someone with an athletics and triathlon background.

Anyway, back to the challenge.

100 days to get in shape and run a sub 50 min 10k, that works out to be less than 5 minutes for every kilometre.

To keep myself motivated I will post about my progress on Facebook and every 10 days I will weigh in and take a progress photo. At the end of the 100 days I will run 10km and record the time. Then, I will take all my Facebook posts, pictures and any video videos I have collected along the way and I will turn the whole lot into an eBook share it with all of you as an example of a sporting log book!

There will be a few parameters though. I am running a business and have a young family so time is a valuable commodity.

1. No more than one hour of “specific” exercise a day given my schedule. That is a realistic amount of time that I can devote to this.

2. I will try to incorporate my training into my everyday life. For example, cycling to work. If I can do that I can do more exercise. What I do not want to do is exercise at the expense of family time.

3. I will use a combination of barefoot running, mountain biking, resistance band training and Tapout XT. I enjoy these activities so I am more likely to do it consistently.

4. Keep a food diary. Tedious but essential to healthy eating and the reality is that exercise is only a small percentage of an holistic lifestyle

5. Reduce the coke intake! I confess, that at the moment I am drinking roughly half a litre of coke a day! That’s a lot of sugar….and a lot of bloating!

6. No dieting. I like chocolates and chips and hamburgers and cake. I’m not going to cut out the things I like eating. We are supposed to enjoy life and eating should be pleasurable!! However, I will reduce the amounts of the naughty things!

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!

And, if anyone wants to join me for the challenge that would be great!!

(Unfortunately the photo is me too!)


Fat to Fit


Affect or Effect?

This question came up  while I was proof reading a report earlier today. A colleague was not sure which word to use or  in what context. Affect or effect? It’s a common question and the answer is not always simple with words that look similar or sound similar.

Let’s take a quick look at the various meanings of both.

The word effect has several meanings. Used as a noun it can be an outward appearance, an impression, the sent real meaning of a literary work, a symptom caused by a drug, a phenomenon caused by a previous phenomenon or even refer to legal validity. As a verb effect can mean to produce or to bring something into existence. On the other hand we have affect which is quite different in meaning.

As a noun affect can refer to the subjective aspect of feeling or emotion. While used as a verb affect can mean to have an effect upon someone either physically or emotionally.

By the way, a noun is a naming word while a verb denotes an action.

Some examples:

The lipstick enhanced her features to great effect.

The boy only did what he did for effect.

The law is still in effect.

The Coriolis effect.

Will the new road rules affect me?

The medication I take affects my blood pressure.

It really affects me when my baby cries.






Leaving a Legacy

I was laughing hysterically at a funny story that a friend had told me over coffee this morning. It was about her mother who had passed away recently and after the fits of laughter had subsided she looked at me soberly and  said that she would give anything to be able to hear her mother call her by her pet name one more time. I sympathised with her and mentally recalled several times in my own life that I had felt the same way about loved ones that were no longer here.

It made me think about how often I hear similar comments from friends or family. Wishes that someone could have had one last conversation with a loved one or simply just hear the voice of a friend one more time. Most often people tell me that they wish they had told someone that they had loved them. It’s a common sentiment yet we never really think about leaving some sort of legacy for our own loved ones in the event that something should happen to us. I suppose most of us think that it such a long way off and we are all so busy that we forget to tell the people that we love the most that we care about them.

My friend’s comment also made me think about how someone is remembered after they are gone and I always find myself listening to eulogies or reading obituaries of people I know and  think that these grief filled passages often skirt around the edges but don’t really get to the core of who that person really was or what they were passionate about. I find it rather disappointing when I know that there was so much more to them than a few lines of sentiment.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. If you have ever found yourself missing a loved one who has passed or you just want to leave a legacy on your terms then think about writing a journal, a series of letters to your children or get started on your autobiography. You could even keep a photo or video diary. It may seem like a lot of effort now but your family will definitely appreciate the time you spent doing it.

Cawdor fog

Pregnancy Journals

Are you pregnant or thinking about having a baby?

If you answered yes to either then now is a great time to start a journal!

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time full of joy, excitement, anticipation…….fatigue, back pain, food cravings…..

It’s a different journey for everyone and it can seem like the longest nine months of your life. The reality is that your pregnancy is over before you know it and you will have a tiny bundle of energy demanding attention and keeping you busy.

A pregnancy journal can be a wonderful keepsake for you to share with your child as they grow older and become curious about what their parents’ lives were like before they came along.  It can also be a practical way to keep track of your health, frequency of kicks, or sleep habits during this stressful time on your body.

A pregnancy journal is also a wonderful way just to remember how you were feeling and what you were thinking during this amazing time in your life.


How do I start a journal?

There is nothing worse than staring at a blank page and not knowing where to start. Even as someone who keeps a daily journal I still find myself, from time to time, thinking “where do I start”.

Believe it or not, even some of the greatest writers once looked at a blank piece of paper, pen in hand, and wondered what on earth they were going to write about. Other people seem to be have no trouble filling page after page with how they feel, what they have done or observed, where they have been and who they talked to.

If you fall into the first category you may be worried about what to write about or that it won’t sound very good if other people read it. That’s ok. Anyone who has ever written anything has worried about both at some time in their lives.

If you are worried about what to write about you could try starting with what you did that day. Check out the “Odyssey Journal Template” on the downloads page of the website for a list of  ideas about where to start. The most important thing initially is to get in the habit of writing. Once you have managed that then you can start to experiment with writing about what you have seen and how you feel. You may even try reflecting on your experiences but for now just start writing. Use a diary, a notebook, a word processor, one of the many journalling apps available for your smart phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you are comfortable using that format and you get started.

But, what if it doesn’t sound any good?

Initially it doesn’t matter. As you write more you will develop your own style and your writing will improve. Hopefully, some of the advice and tips from our blog will help you to become a better writer as well as a better photographer and videographer! The whole purpose of Odyssey is to make you sound great, whether that is just through reading these posts or actually purchasing one of our packages later on!

Now, get started and happy writing!

All the best,



Welcome to Odyssey Memoirs

Here at Odyssey we specialise in enhancing our clients stories. To help you along the way we will be updating our blog whenever possible with useful advice on how to write better, ideas on what to write about, hints on how to show your story rather than just tell it, useful tips on taking better photographs and video and links to other sites that we think would be worthwhile to have a look at.

From time to time we will also include things such as interesting words and their meanings, phrases that are often misused or misunderstood and some pointers about grammar and slang.

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