The Millennium team are a group of creative writers with a passion for history and a desire to help people record their personal stories.

We believe that  history is an important part of every society and that the history of a community  is made up of the individual stories of current and past generations. Unfortunately, not many people pass on their stories to future generations.

Now that we are in the digital age many of us have social media accounts and digital footprints but we sometimes forget to ‘live’ in the moment as we try to capture a great shot or video to post online.

At Millennium Publications our greatest desire is for our clients to “live in the moment and share their stories later”.



Julian is the founder and manager of Millennium Publications, which he created after spending many months pursuing his other passion, commuting to work on his bicycle via Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney. Every day he wondered about the people buried there and what their stories were. Sadly, he concluded that very little is known apart from the obituaries posted by the families of the now departed. Accounts that represented who those people were to their families. But is that who they really were?

Julian thought to himself that it would be great if there was a service available to help everyone record their stories. A memoir of who they really were and what was important to them, according to them. Many people have thought about writing their memoirs and there are lots of websites that allow people to journalise their lives but Julian realised that one thing prevents most people from doing this. The fear of writing poorly or not being able to think of anything interesting to write about.

Julian is a self-confessed gadget junkie who has taken his love of technology and an unfulfilled passion for history, combined them with his serendipitous cycling moments and his skill with digital publishing to create the unique service that is Millennium Publications.

His passion for writing began at high school as a contributing author for the school newspaper and has continued through to his career as a parole officer with investigative report writing forming a large part of his job. His awareness and concern for the re-integration of parolees into the community resulted in the publishing of a paper on the benefits of mentoring and reduced recidivism.

Julian lives by the mantra “be what you give yourself the power to be” and believes that education, creativity and personal development are a life long practice that form part of an holistic, healthy lifestyle. He is currently working towards a degree in Accounting just to prove that creativity and balancing the books  can live in perfect harmony…..legally of course!

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